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Wedding Dresss on display

Buying a wedding dress can be one of the most exciting, and stressful parts of the wedding activities for any bride. There are literally thousands of dresses to choose from in any area, for any season, in and style. But what are some of the most common and popular styles of wedding dress to flatter the bride and make her special day the fairytale she’s been dreaming of since childhood? What are the common wedding dress styles? Let’s take a look at some of these common wedding dress styles and popular wedding dress styles.

1. Simplicity – Offering simple, elegant beauty, this is a floor-length wedding gown made of a crisp, white material that hugs the figure without much fuss. It may be sleeveless or feature long, tight sleeves, but this dress is lovely for any bride. No tiers, no train, n fluff, and no puff, just simple elegance. For those who are not really into the “bling,” and are not really impressed by tons of beading and lace, this is the dress.

2. Old Hollywood – This is yet another simple, but elegant gown made of silk or satin. It also hugs the figure, but has a bit of sparkle added to the edges. It may be trimmed in a bit of silver, and is a bit longer than floor length. This gown will usually feature a lowcut back, and be sleeveless. Just a smidge of beading can dress it up nicely. Think vintage Hollywood-style gowns.

3. Modern Chic – The modern chic wedding gown may hug the curves, but if offers tiers and angles which can cover a multitude of flaws. There is not a lot of lace and beading here, the “bling” with this dress should come from the bride’s matching modern jewelry. Fashionistas should watch the runways for ideas on their modern chic wedding gowns.

082211-wedding-gowns-lead-3404. ’50s Tea-Length – Bringing back the 50’s style, this white dress comes to just below the knee and features a chiffon petticoat underneath. A bit of colored satin for a belt, and a trim of the same color for a collar-type necklace sets this dress off for a prim and beautiful bride. Make it sleeveless and a bit low-cut for that flirty 50’s style. Shoes, of course, should be dyed to match the satin belt and collar.

5. Bling – Of course, we must make room for those brides who love the bling. This type of gown may be long or short, and can be made from almost any common wedding gown material. In most cases, it is very long and flowing, with a tight waist and low cut front and back. The important part is the bling. The dress must be covered in beads and lace and made to look as shiny and showy as possible.

6. A-Line VersatilityThe classic A-line wedding dress is an extremely common and popular choice due to the fact that it can be flattering to almost any body type, whether the bride is petite and small, short and chubby, tall and slender, or tall and heavier. This dress can be made simple and elegant or full of bling, depending on the bride’s personal style. If made from satin or silk and no lace or beads are added, a simple and elegant look is created. Throw in the beading and lace to add in your preferred level of showiness.

Beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses

The days of the frumpy bridesmaid dress are over and despite your distinct body shape, there are diverse ways of enhancing your appearance on your friend’s big day. It is rather unfortunate that quite a large number of women are embarrassed and even ashamed of their bodies. Which for most means they do not try obtain clothes or accessories that seamlessly become their appearance.

When you don’t make any effort on your appearance, particularly on a wedding you invariably send a message that you could care less of how you look and what others might think of you. This is certainly not the right impression you want to make on any nuptials, most especially if you have the privileged honor of been a bridesmaid. Being in any way sloppy in such occasions can significantly ruin the vibe of the wedding in very serious manner.

This undoubtedly means that you should not settle for a bridesmaid dress just because it fits and you find yourself comfortable in it. Which is especially true if you are on the curvy end, and just can’t seem to find the right solution that looks good on you. In essence what you need to do is procure a dress that effortlessly fits the “largest” part of your body. If you happen to be of a petite body shape, go out of your way to fit your bust, which is your focal point. On the other hand if you have wide hips and a narrow waist, find a bridesmaid dress that can work around your hips as well as taking in the waist.

You can also appropriate the right accessories to accentuate your figure. For instance if you are on the plus size, a suitable belt around the waist can conveniently flatter your figure in more ways than you could ever think possible. As for your neckline, you should avoid straps as they more than anything else can bring out the frump in you. You can also opt for a necklace that can effortlessly straighten out the appearance of your neckline.

3fa5957aca2564d5213621967a5b3a94As a rule of thumb you should settle for a bridesmaid dress design that not only fits, but can also flatter your appearance in the best way possible. There is simply no need to entertain insecurities when going about choosing the dress that becomes you. Take your time to discover the ideal design that can naturally underscore your style.

At all means possible you should not be forced to stick to any design just because of the fact that most of your fellow bridesmaids are OK with it. Try to experiment with all the options that are laid out for you. This will ultimately enable you to arrive at the right dress for your exact body shape, be it petite or curvaceous. All in all, you should fully realize that now more than ever the days of the frumpy bridesmaid dress are over for all time. You should take the necessary time to dress yourself according to the way that can fit and flatter your body.

wedding dress styles

Almost all wedding dresses look great on the rack and under the showroom lights, but it’s quite a different story when you try it on for the first time. To be completely honest, wedding dresses are not meant for all body types. That’s exactly what makes them special. Just like you found your perfect man, your perfect dress is out there somewhere waiting for you discover it amongst all other dresses.

What makes a wedding dress perfect? For starters, the dress should be supremely comfortable. The wedding dress should also fit you perfectly and accentuate the most beautiful aspects of your figure while carefully hiding the weak zones. The best way to narrow down your search is to match your wedding dress with your body type. Helping with your search for the perfect bridal gown, here are some fundamental tips about choosing a wedding dress according to body shape.

You are wide at the shoulders

Don’t try to hide your shoulders by wearing cap sleeve designs. This actually accentuates the size of your shoulders and makes them look broader than they actually are.

Instead of covering it, leave your shoulders bare by wearing off-the-shoulder dresses. This move will make your shoulders the highlight of the look instead of being a weakness.

You have a pear-shaped body

The best way to steal focus from your waist line and the bottom is to choose a dress that has an A-shaped design from the waist down.

It’s also a good idea go for a dress that has an intricately designed top half or has a beautiful off-the -shoulder neckline. This will cleverly switch focus from the bottom to the top half.

You have a petite figure

If you have a small structure the key is to create an illusion of height. You can do that by selecting trumpet styled designs and subtle A shaped gowns.

Stay clear of dresses that have dropped waistlines as they will make your legs look smaller that they are.

Mori-Lee-Julietta-plus-size-wedding-dressYou have a plus-sized figure wedding dresses

Select a dress that has a subtle A-shaped skirt that starts right from the bust line. Also known as Empire dresses, select a size that’s not too loose or body hugging.

Satin is the fabric of choice for this body type as it holds its structure and makes you look slimmer.

You are tall and slim

If you always wanted an elaborate veil then you are in luck. Thanks to your tall structure an intricately designed veil will flow down nicely creating an amazing effect.

You are pregnant

The trick is to show off your pregnant belly rather than attempting to hide it. Be proud and wear something that’s comfortable and doesn’t have a restrictive fit. Empire waists, ball gowns, and bodices are great choices as they will do a great job in accentuating the belly.

You have a thin upper structure

If you have an excessively visible collarbone then avoid wearing halter tops and off-the-shoulder designs. Choose a dress that has a sleeveless design and creates artificial curves instead of creating column shaped effect.

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Assortment of Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding season is upon us and it brings with it new looks and trends. Brides are selecting their dresses, color schemes, flowers, and venues, meanwhile the bridesmaids are helping with the planning. Without them, a wedding party would just not be the same, so they deserve some special attention. Let’s look at the latest trends in bridesmaid dresses.

Mismatched bridesmaids

Traditionally, all of the bridesmaids have worn the same dress, making them easy to identify as part of the wedding party, but also keeping the bride’s vision intact. Well, things are changing. The new trend is to have mismatched bridesmaids. Sure, they might follow the wedding’s color scheme, but they get to choose the length, color, shade and style of their dress. Not a bad idea, considering you don’t usually pick your friends to be of matching body types and skin colors! Now, each bridesmaid can feel perfect in a dress of her choice. Even if they are wearing the same dress, some wedding parties are choosing to show off their personalities by using different shoe styles.

Navy is the new black

Black has been the classy color choice for bridesmaid dresses in the past seasons. The new trend is tweaking that just a little bit and introducing navy as the new black. Dark, stylish and fitting almost anyone, navy brings just a little bit more color and vibrancy into the wedding party, while still preserving style.

Vibrant colors

Forget the innocent pastels and go with vibrant colors! How about a strawberry pink or a Caribbean blue? Turn up those colors, it’s a celebration after all. One of the latest trends for bridesmaid’s dresses is to use the same, or a few different vibrant colors. And if the wedding party doesn’t want their dresses to be crazy bright, their shoes just might be. Using pastels or dark colors with bright shoes is another trend that has been picking up.

Shorter skirts, lower necklines

We are often used to long flowy bridesmaid dresses, but this is no longer necessary. Sassy short skirts and lower necklines make for just as pretty of a dress – and dancing all night long is oh, so much easier when you are not tripping over your own skirt. By the way, wedding dresses are getting shorter too, no need for a princess gown anymore.

pastel-bridesmaid-dresses4_green-wedding-shoesMatching flower-girls

Is there anything cuter than the little flower girls that follow the bride down the aisle? Traditionally, they wear a white fluffy dress. Well, they can now feel just like the big girls, wearing the same dress styles and colors as the bridesmaids. A true part of the wedding party, these cuties look adorable in anything really.

Same color, different shades

Finally, if completely different dresses don’t fit the wedding’s vision, there is still some room for play in this year’s trends. A lot of wedding parties are choosing to use the same color for their bridesmaid dresses, but select different shades. Often, this works best with pastels and greys. This new trend makes for a beautiful array of colors, without breaking the wedding color scheme. It also makes sure that each and every bridesmaid is happy with her dress!