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Almost all wedding dresses look great on the rack and under the showroom lights, but it’s quite a different story when you try it on for the first time. To be completely honest, wedding dresses are not meant for all body types. That’s exactly what makes them special. Just like you found your perfect man, your perfect dress is out there somewhere waiting for you discover it amongst all other dresses.

What makes a wedding dress perfect? For starters, the dress should be supremely comfortable. The wedding dress should also fit you perfectly and accentuate the most beautiful aspects of your figure while carefully hiding the weak zones. The best way to narrow down your search is to match your wedding dress with your body type. Helping with your search for the perfect bridal gown, here are some fundamental tips about choosing a wedding dress according to body shape.

You are wide at the shoulders

Don’t try to hide your shoulders by wearing cap sleeve designs. This actually accentuates the size of your shoulders and makes them look broader than they actually are.

Instead of covering it, leave your shoulders bare by wearing off-the-shoulder dresses. This move will make your shoulders the highlight of the look instead of being a weakness.

You have a pear-shaped body

The best way to steal focus from your waist line and the bottom is to choose a dress that has an A-shaped design from the waist down.

It’s also a good idea go for a dress that has an intricately designed top half or has a beautiful off-the -shoulder neckline. This will cleverly switch focus from the bottom to the top half.

You have a petite figure

If you have a small structure the key is to create an illusion of height. You can do that by selecting trumpet styled designs and subtle A shaped gowns.

Stay clear of dresses that have dropped waistlines as they will make your legs look smaller that they are.

Mori-Lee-Julietta-plus-size-wedding-dressYou have a plus-sized figure wedding dresses

Select a dress that has a subtle A-shaped skirt that starts right from the bust line. Also known as Empire dresses, select a size that’s not too loose or body hugging.

Satin is the fabric of choice for this body type as it holds its structure and makes you look slimmer.

You are tall and slim

If you always wanted an elaborate veil then you are in luck. Thanks to your tall structure an intricately designed veil will flow down nicely creating an amazing effect.

You are pregnant

The trick is to show off your pregnant belly rather than attempting to hide it. Be proud and wear something that’s comfortable and doesn’t have a restrictive fit. Empire waists, ball gowns, and bodices are great choices as they will do a great job in accentuating the belly.

You have a thin upper structure

If you have an excessively visible collarbone then avoid wearing halter tops and off-the-shoulder designs. Choose a dress that has a sleeveless design and creates artificial curves instead of creating column shaped effect.

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