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Assortment of Bridesmaid Dresses

Wedding season is upon us and it brings with it new looks and trends. Brides are selecting their dresses, color schemes, flowers, and venues, meanwhile the bridesmaids are helping with the planning. Without them, a wedding party would just not be the same, so they deserve some special attention. Let’s look at the latest trends in bridesmaid dresses.

Mismatched bridesmaids

Traditionally, all of the bridesmaids have worn the same dress, making them easy to identify as part of the wedding party, but also keeping the bride’s vision intact. Well, things are changing. The new trend is to have mismatched bridesmaids. Sure, they might follow the wedding’s color scheme, but they get to choose the length, color, shade and style of their dress. Not a bad idea, considering you don’t usually pick your friends to be of matching body types and skin colors! Now, each bridesmaid can feel perfect in a dress of her choice. Even if they are wearing the same dress, some wedding parties are choosing to show off their personalities by using different shoe styles.

Navy is the new black

Black has been the classy color choice for bridesmaid dresses in the past seasons. The new trend is tweaking that just a little bit and introducing navy as the new black. Dark, stylish and fitting almost anyone, navy brings just a little bit more color and vibrancy into the wedding party, while still preserving style.

Vibrant colors

Forget the innocent pastels and go with vibrant colors! How about a strawberry pink or a Caribbean blue? Turn up those colors, it’s a celebration after all. One of the latest trends for bridesmaid’s dresses is to use the same, or a few different vibrant colors. And if the wedding party doesn’t want their dresses to be crazy bright, their shoes just might be. Using pastels or dark colors with bright shoes is another trend that has been picking up.

Shorter skirts, lower necklines

We are often used to long flowy bridesmaid dresses, but this is no longer necessary. Sassy short skirts and lower necklines make for just as pretty of a dress – and dancing all night long is oh, so much easier when you are not tripping over your own skirt. By the way, wedding dresses are getting shorter too, no need for a princess gown anymore.

pastel-bridesmaid-dresses4_green-wedding-shoesMatching flower-girls

Is there anything cuter than the little flower girls that follow the bride down the aisle? Traditionally, they wear a white fluffy dress. Well, they can now feel just like the big girls, wearing the same dress styles and colors as the bridesmaids. A true part of the wedding party, these cuties look adorable in anything really.

Same color, different shades

Finally, if completely different dresses don’t fit the wedding’s vision, there is still some room for play in this year’s trends. A lot of wedding parties are choosing to use the same color for their bridesmaid dresses, but select different shades. Often, this works best with pastels and greys. This new trend makes for a beautiful array of colors, without breaking the wedding color scheme. It also makes sure that each and every bridesmaid is happy with her dress!